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I purchased my first Macintosh in 1986. And the first time I opened SuperPaint, the digital drawing program that came with it, it was clear to me that the nature and meaning of photography was going to dramatically change over the next few decades. I was totally smitten by this idea. 

In the early 1990s I acquired my first copy of Photoshop. By then, I’d changed careers to feed my digital habit and was working as an eMedia Specialist for an educational publishing company, programming CD-ROM titles. My free time, however, was spent climbing Photoshop’s learning curve.

In those early years, digital photography as we know it today was still emerging. I was content to learn as the technology matured: preparing myself for a time when I could control an affordable digital process from pushing the camera’s shutter to printing an image that rivaled existing chemical processes.

Most of the graphic images in this collection are various experiments from that period. They were conceived with the crudest of early version digital tools and first printed using printers incapable of effectively rendering all of the information they contained.

They have been tweaked over the years as I have gained in experience and kept up with refinements in technology. Now, of course, I'm able to print them with a state of the art, 8-color printer on museum quality art papers, perfect for the discerning individual in search of a unique art print for their collection.